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Mariah Rep Says Singer Did Not Send Rude Email To Blind Fan
An email sent to Mariah Carey’s official website by the grandmother of a blind, 10-year-old fan named Michelle Katz appears to have ended up in the hands of someone other than its intended recipient.
After hearing that Carey cancelled her concert scheduled for July 26 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul as part of her plan to move all her U.S. shows this summer to more intimate venues, Michelle’s grandmother, Dee Hofland, who had bought three tickets for the show, made a special request to the singer via email. Hofland wrote, “I know it is not very probable but you have no idea what it would mean to this child if she could meet Mariah even for five minutes. You would make one girl’s dreams come true.”
Hofland was shocked when she received an email back which read, “Miss with all due respect, I have my own problems. I have no time to accommodate everyone else’s. My sister is suffering from HIV right now. Is anyone worried about my problems? Some people can be so damn selfish. Next time you email me with any requests, you will be reported. Have a great day!” m.c.
Carey’s publicist, Cindy Berger, told FOX News that the email was “completely bogus.” When Carey heard what had happened, Berger said the singer immediately called Michelle. Berger said Mariah assured the girl that she did not send the nasty email and will make it up to Michelle when she does reschedule her show in St. Paul. “Mariah is looking forward to meeting Michelle and her family backstage at a concert during her Charmbracelet tour,” Berger added.
Meanwhile, Carey is performing on the Today Show on Friday (May 30) as part of the Today Show Summer Concert Series. The Today Show airs live from 7 to 10 a.m. ET on NBC.