Quaid Reprises ‘Vacation’ Role for NBC
LOS ANGELES ( – Production began Friday (May 30) on NBC’s upcoming holiday movie “National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddie’s Christmas Vacation.” Not just a “National Lampoon” movie in name only, several cast members from the 1983 classic “National Lampoon’s Vacation” return, along with veteran actors Fred Willard and Ed Asner.
While neither Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, nor Anthony Michael Hall will return as the Griswolds, Dana Barron, who played daughter Audrey in the original “Vacation” will be back, along with Randy Quaid’s Cousin Eddie and Miriam Flynn’s Catherine. However, Eddie and Catherine’s slutty daughter Vicki (played by “Ally McBeal’s” Jane Krakowski in ’83) will not be present.
Eric Idle will also stop by to make a cameo appearance as the put-upon English tourist he played in the 1985 sequel “European Vacation.”
“Cousin Eddie’s Christmas Vacation” was written by Matty Simmons, who produced the other “Vacation” movies, as well as “Animal House,” and is being directed by Nick Marck (“Malcolm in the Middle,” “Gilmore Girls”).