Wednesday TV preview

What’s on TV on THURSDAY, Dan?
DAWSONS CREEK Two-Hour Finale on Wednesday
Series creator Kevin Williamson returns to DAWSON’S CREEK to write tomorrow night’s two-hour series finale. The episode takes a look at the characters five years after last week’s episode, and involves a wedding, a death, a baby, and much more. Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under) and Virginia Madsen both guest star in the episode, and it’s also likely there will be a few surprise guest stars, like Meredith Monroe reprising her role as Andie.
John Goodman on WEST WING Finale
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY reports John Goodman will play the Republican Speaker of the House on the WEST WING season finale this Wednesday night at 9, on NBC. It’s unknown if Goodman will return to the show in the fall.