Thursday TV preview

What’s on TV on THURSDAY, Dan?
Secrets Discovered & Marriage Proposed on FRIENDS Finale
The season finale of FRIENDS this Thursday night runs 75 minutes long. Entitled “The One in Barbados,” the episode sees the gang traveling to Barbados where Ross is speaking at a paleontology convention. There are a trio of love triangles as the sitcom closes out its penultimate season, between Ross, Joey, and Charlie (Aisha Tyler), Rachel, Charlie, and Joey, and Phoebe, David (Hank Azaria), and Mike (Paul Rudd).
WILL & GRACE Guest Stars
Deborah Harry guest stars as herself on the WILL & GRACE season finale this Thursday night. In the finale, Karen confronts her late husband’s mistress (Minnie Driver), while Grace goes into a jealous fit after meeting her husband’s sexy co-worker (KNOTS LANDING’s Nicolette Sheridan).
Death Hits Home on CSI
The team loses one of their own during a bank heist on the season finale of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, and even though I accidentally found out who while researching the issue (Curse you, TV GUIDE!), my lips remain sealed. The episode, airing Thursday night at 9, also has Grissom making a major decision regarding his hearing problem.
All-Claymation Episode of LATE NIGHT This Thursday
Thursday night’s LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN will be broadcast entirely in clay animation. The show, which has been in production for months, is a start-to-finish recreation of an October episode that featured Johnny Knoxville, Richard Lewis, David Bowie, and a “In the Year 2000,” sketch guest starring Mr. T.