Whe he’s right, he’s right!

As “American Idol” heads into its last two weeks, judge Randy Johnson says he’s “bored” by the performances of the final few contestants.
“These kids are singing terribly,” Jackson tells TV Guide.
Jackson realizes that on the air in recent weeks, he has appeared irritated and out of character.
And he recognizes he’s becoming the show’s new Simon Cowell – “Idol’s” blunt and bossy judge.
“In the last couple of weeks, people have been telling me: ‘Dude, you’ve gotten so mean,’ ”
“No, I’m just bored,” he says
And why bored?
“These kids are singing terribly,” Jackson says.
Jackson does not explain what he means – or if any contestant in particular seems to be bothering him.
In the same article, Cowell also said there was something amiss about the final weeks of this competition compared to the first show.
“I miss the showmanship of Justin [Guarini] and Tamyra [Gray],” Simon says. “I think some of these contestants have tried too hard to play it safe.”
The series is down to just three singers now – Ruben Studdard, the favorite; Clay Aiken, the likable North Carolinian; and Kimberly “The Cow” Locke, the dark horse contender.