They are finally giving her a catsuit!!!

T’Pol Gets a New Haircut, We Get More Jolene!
The news about ENTERPRISE’s radical new direction for season three is going mainstream in the May 10th issue of TV Guide (on stands Monday, May 5th), according to a press release from the magazine. Executive producer Rick Berman will reveal all new details about the prequel series’ finale “The Expanse” and what it means for the third season of the struggling UPN show that TV Guide recently lambasted for lack of imagination (story).
In the season finale, “a mysterious probe from space will blast a swath of destruction across North and Central America, causing epic explosions and annihilating everything between Florida and Venezuela,” according to the article. “As viewers will learn, this is a preemptive strike by an alien race known as the Xindi (that’s Zin-dee), who have obtained knowledge that Earth will destroy their home world 400 years in the future. The hour ends on a chilling threat of more devastation to come, but this is no mere summer cliff-hanger. In fact, it marks a whole new direction for the series.”
Rick Berman says the new direction will be a first for the STAR TREK franchise.
“What we are about to do is a first for STAR TREK,” Berman tells TVG. “In the past, our captains have had the general mission to explore outer space and, in the case of Voyager, a mission to find a way back home. But there has never been a Trek series built around a specific mission and specific stakes-in this case, the very future of mankind.”
He goes on to say that the new Xindi threat will be the greatest that Captain Archer’s Earth will yet have faced.
“We find out that the Xindi space probe was merely a test and that they are creating an even more powerful weapon,” Berman says. “It’s up to Captain Archer to go there and stop them from destroying us altogether.”
TV Guide also reveals new details about the repercussions of the finale for next season, writing that the Enterprise NX-01 will be “retrofitted for war” and that we’ll get our first glimpse at the use of photon torpedos in Starfleet’s history. Furthermore, the dangerous Delphic Expanse, likened to the Bermuda Triangle, causes those who enter to “become anatomically inverted (skin on the inside, organs on the outside).” Furthermore, even Jolene Blalock’s ‘T’Pol’, as a result of resigning from the Vulcan High Command, “will sport a new cat suit and hairdo next season.”
All the grisly details will be on newsstands May 5th.