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Kiefer Sutherland talks 24 – Season Three.
There are Spoilers in this story. Proceed at your own risk!
TV Times talked with Kiefer Sutherland about what to expect next season:
“We’ve planned a third season, even from the first day of doing season two. The events of the season finale set up what will be our third season. Sarah [Wynter] is back, but that’s all I care to say. The finale is a great rollercoaster ride. Seriously”. Sutherland also talked about a possible movie-spinoff – “It’s a natural progression, yes. It’s usually the other way around – TV Series become movies – but in this case we think we’ve created something that’s far more entertaining each week, and much better written, than some of the movies out there. If we can take this great weekly series and turn it into a two-hour cinematic movie, why not. I know everyone is looking forward to that happening. We’ve got a big “Die Hard” style spectacle planned in the back of all our minds. The show itself is big enough in itself, but the movie is sure to bring it on”.