Ohhhhhh, poor baby!

Madonna Hurt by ‘Razzie’ Award
LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Material Girl has feelings, too.
Madonna is apparently not as tough as she seems. She told “Access Hollywood” that she was “totally hurt” by the bashing of “Swept Away,” the movie she made with her husband, Guy Ritchie.
Madonna says she would work again with her husband “in a heartbeat” even though “Swept Away” was named the worst movie of the year and given a Golden Raspberry Award on March 22. Madonna also won a Razzie for “Worst Actress” and Guy Ritchie won “Worst Director.”
She may have chance to redeem herself in an upcoming stint on “Will and Grace.” Madonna plays a high-maintenance office worker who’s a possible new roommate for Karen. Madonna says because of shooting the episode, she and Megan Mullally are now friends.