Methinks Fred Durst has lost his mind!

Limp Bizkit Changes Name to ‘limpbizkit’
It looks like capitalization and spacing is no good any more for Fred Durst. He posted a message on Limp Bizkit’s Web site saying the band will now be known as limpbizkit with no capitals and no space between words. He gives no reason for the change.
He seems to like playing around with words lately, given the changes he makes to the new album’s title. This week he said it would not be called “Bipolar” but instead “Fetus More.” He’s changed his mind again and now he’s calling it “The Search for Teddy Swoes.” Durst promises “it will all make sense very soon my friends.” He does clear one thing up, though. He says the song “Just Drop Dead” is NOT about Britney Spears. But the fact that he says it isn’t makes it clear that it really is.
Did Britney make Fred go “crazy.”