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Lennon-McCartney Non-Beatles Songs Covered For New All-Star Album
Singers from Cheap Trick and the B-52s are taking part in a new covers album titled From A Window: Lost Songs Of Lennon & McCartney. The 17-track album includes songs that John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote for other artists–including Badfinger, Cilla Black, and Billy J. Kramer–but were never released by the Beatles themselves.
Graham Parker, the B-52’s Kate Pierson, and Buffalo Tom’s Bill Janovitz are each featured on several songs, while Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander joins the band Johnny Society for P.J. Proby’s “That Means A Lot.”
From A Window comes out April 8, and the first single will be “Step Inside Love,” a top-10 U.K. hit for Black that was written by McCartney. Parker, Pierson, Janovitz, and Johnny Society plan to tour in support of the album starting May 16 in Boston.
The full From A Window: Lost Songs Of Lennon & McCartney tracklisting, with original artists in parentheses, includes: “I’m In Love,” Kate Pierson (the Fourmost); “I’ll Keep You Satisfied,” Bill Janovitz (Billy J. Kramer); “From A Window,” Graham Parker (Billy J. Kramer); “Step Inside Love,” Kate Pierson & Johnny Society (Cilla Black); “It’s For You,” Bill Janovitz (Cilla Black); “Bad To Me,” Graham Parker (Billy J. Kramer); “That Means A Lot,” Johnny Society with Robin Zander (P.J. Proby); “Hello Little Girl,” Bill Janovitz (the Fourmost); “Love Of The Loved,” Kate Pierson (Cilla Black); “Tip Of My Tongue,” Graham Parker (Tommy Quickly); “Goodbye,” Bill Janovitz (Mary Hopkin); “Come And Get It,” Graham Parker (Badfinger); “A World Without Love,” Bill Janovitz (Peter & Gordon); “One And One Is Two,” Graham Parker (Billy J. Kramer); “Nobody I Know,” Kate Pierson (Peter & Gordon); “Woman,” Bill Janovitz (Peter & Gordon); and “I’ll Be On My Way,” Johnny Society (Billy J. Kramer).