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Avril Lavigne Recalls Recording ‘I’m With You’
Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” continues to burn up the airplay charts. According to Radio & Records magazine, the song is currently the most-played track on Hot AC stations, the Number Three track on CHR stations, and the Number 22 hit at adult contemporary stations.
Lavigne says that when she first recorded “I’m With You,” it sent chills down her spine. In fact, she says that every time she performs the song it still resonates for her. “When I went into the booth to sing it, I sang it through with just so much emotion I had, like, goose bumps going down my spine,” Lavigne says. “It was really neat. When I sing that song, I just like to stand there in my own world. That song is…It’s an important song to me. I like it.”
Lavigne says she can relate to the lyrics of “I’m With You” because her dramatic and hectic life often leaves her alone at night. “I have alone feelings all the time because, ’cause I don’t have a boyfriend and because I’m, like, I’m on the road,” Lavigne says. “It’s crazy when you got so much stuff going on during your days and then you go to, from all the drama, just you go back to your hotel room and you’re just sitting there and it’s, like, ‘Whoa, I’m alone.’ I’ve written so many songs about being alone.”