The ring on my phone is “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Fox Licenses ‘The Simpsons’ to THQ for Wireless
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – If you’ve ever wanted your cell phone to say “D’oh!” when someone calls, you’ll soon have the chance. Twentieth Century Fox on Monday said it has licensed “The Simpsons” to the wireless division of video game publisher THQ Inc. to be developed into games, ring tones, screensavers and messaging tools around the world.
THQ, the most aggressive among the traditional video game publishers in the nascent wireless games industry, said the deal was a long-term one but declined to provide specifics.
“The Simpsons” premiered in late Dec. 1989 and quickly became an international sensation. In mid-February the show, currently the longest-running sitcom on prime-time TV, marked its 300th episode.
“The fact that it is in so many countries and so many languages, we think this will be pretty successful for us,” Doug Dyer, the general manager of THQ Wireless, told Reuters.
Dyer said THQ would like to begin releasing wireless products based on the animated family sometime in the third quarter of this year.
He also said the company plans to develop “channels” of Simpsons content, so wireless carriers could offer their subscribers an entire package of games, sounds and logos based on themes from the show.
Jim Beddows, vice president for wireless entertainment at Fox, said the company waited to license “The Simpsons” because it is “one of the top-tier properties of the 20th Century Fox Co.” and they wanted wireless technology, like color phone screens and high-speed networks, to develop further.
Twentieth Century Fox is a unit of Fox Entertainment Group, itself a part of News Corp. Ltd.