But she can’t act!

Salma Hayek Still Hoping for an Oscar
MEXICO CITY – Salma Hayek said Monday she held out hope she will win the best actress Oscar for her role in the movie “Frida” ó despite the fact that she’s not a favorite.
“One should never lose hope,” she said. “It’s clear the U.S. press doesn’t see me as one of the strong competitors for the Oscar, but I am happy just with the nomination.”
The Mexican actress denied that her native country’s indecision over Iraq would influence whether she wins or not. She said the majority of Hollywood doesn’t support U.S. President George W. Bush, who ordered Saddam Hussein on Monday to leave Iraq or face a U.S. led attack.
“Any educated person knows perfectly well that no one is interested in the stinking Oscar when there is a war,” she said. “The United States has three hundred other more powerful ways to pressure Mexico.”
She added she was against the war because “it seemed incredible that we still can’t find a better way to resolve our international problems than sending a bomb.”
And she added that Mexico should make its own decisions, and not “continue doing things to try please a neighbor nation.”
Mexico, a member of the U.N. Security Council, struggled with its position on Iraq. While a majority of Mexicans have opposed a war, according to recent polls, some feared a lack of support for military action would hurt U.S.-Mexican ties.
When asked if she would consider becoming a U.S. citizen, Hayek said: “How would that improve my situation?”
“As a Mexican citizen, my situation is improving,” she said.
Hayek’s film about controversial artist Frida Kahlo ó whose husband was Mexican artist Diego Rivera ó was widely criticized in Mexico, in part because it was in English. On Sunday, Hayek appeared at a screening of the film in the city’s sprawling center.
She said Monday that she hopes “Frida” wins at least one Oscar.
“We haven’t had the promotional campaigns of other films, nor of other actresses,” she said. “But I have a chance like all the other nominees. So if I win, it is because I really deserve it.”
Sorry, Salma. But you don’t deserve it.