This is the best they can find to play Superman?!?!

‘Superman’ Casting Competition Narrows
NEW YORK (Variety) – And then there were two.
The competition to name the star of the next “Superman” movie has come down to Brendan Fraser and soap star Matthew Bomer, after “The Fast and the Furious” star Paul Walker opted out of the competition on Thursday.
That trio performed screen tests with director Brett Ratner, but Walker, who played a young undercover cop who infiltrates a street-racing gang in “Furious,” was the only one with an option to remove himself from consideration.
He did that Thursday, as he had reservations about the seven-year commitment required for the three films planned by Warner Bros.
“He has decided to focus his time on supporting the films he already has in the can: ‘Timeline’ and ‘The Fast and the Furious 2,’ the latter of which includes a monthlong worldwide publicity campaign,” said a source close to Walker. Walker also faces a June start date on “Heart of a Soldier,” the Rod Lurie-directed drama.
Warner Bros. is struggling to cut its “Superman” budget down to $200 million, and Bomer’s modest salary would help that cause. He currently stars on the daytime drama “The Guiding Light.”
Fraser (“The Mummy” franchise, “Gods and Monsters,” “The Quiet American”) has a decided edge in terms of star clout.