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Warner Bros. Paws Berry to Play Catwoman
NEW YORK (Variety) – Warner Bros. has set Halle Berry to play the felonious feline in “Catwoman,” which French filmmaker Pitof (“Vidocq”) will direct later this year.
Berry has already shown her action chops since her Oscar-winning performance in “Monster’s Ball.” She played James Bond’s sexy partner Jinx in “Die Another Day” and reprised the superhero character Storm in “X2,” the “X-Men” sequel due out May 2 from 20th Century Fox.
She’s about to star in the Joel Silver-produced Warner Bros. film “Gothika” alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Penelope Cruz.
“Catwoman” has been considered a dream project for actresses since Michelle Pfeiffer originated the sexy but loopy character in the Tim Burton-directed “Batman Returns.” That pair tried a spinoff that stalled. Warner revived it and attached Ashley Judd, who left to do a play.
The studio has been sweet on Berry for the job for the past two weeks. A preliminary meeting was held Thursday between Warner brass and her agents and manager.
While no deal has been made, Berry is expected to get her claws into the part quickly. She’d be the second black woman to play Catwoman, as Eartha Kitt did in the 1960s “Batman” TV series.
The film was scripted by John Rogers and rewritten by Mike Ferris and John Brancato.