Yoko, we hardly know ye!

Ono Reflects on Beatles’ Demise
NEW YORK – More than 30 years after the breakup of the Beatles and on the brink of her 70th birthday, Yoko Ono has become philosophical about the days when many Beatles fans hated her and blamed her for the band’s demise.
“I think that through that kind of incredible, strange confrontation, people started to understand me,” the widow of John Lennon told the New York Post for a story in Sunday’s editions.
Ono turns 70 on Tuesday and more than 200 guests are expected to attend a cocktail reception in her honor at a Manhattan restaurant, the Post said.
Ono keeps busy these days managing the legacy of her late husband and producing dance mixes of his music and her own. She is about to release a dance mix of “Walking on Thin Ice” √≥ the song Lennon was working on the night he was murdered in 1980.
“If he’s observing me from up there, I’m sure he’s proud of me,” Ono said. “It’s going to go on and on. This is what I love now, so it’s great.”