Its a great series, but I would never own it. Of course, if you missed it…

NBC to Put ‘Kingpin’ on DVD Before Series Ends
BURBANK, Calif. (Reuters) – NBC has decided to release its new crime drama “Kingpin” on DVD even before the heavily promoted series about a Mexican drug lord finishes its limited six-episode prime-time run.
The network said on Friday it would release all six episodes of “Kingpin” on DVD via mail order on February 16, two days before the show ends its scheduled run.
The move comes as networks look to such DVD releases to earn more from series.
NBC said the “Kingpin” DVD would include behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews and explicit footage not seen on broadcast TV. The show, about a Mexican drug lord and his family, has been characterized by many as network TV’s answer to HBO’s violent but popular crime drama “The Sopranos.”
The show has met with some success in the ratings and also generated some controversy. The League of United Latin American Citizens has blasted the series for portraying Hispanics as “murderers and unpatriotic American citizens.”
HBO has released seasons of “The Sopranos” on DVD, and Fox released a DVD of the series “24” last year not long after the show ended its first season.