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Courtney Love Apologizes To Virgin
Courtney Love is once again allowed to fly on Virgin Atlantic Airways, despite having been removed from one of its flights last Monday (February 3) after she verbally assaulted a flight attendant.
At a charity event sponsored by Elton John on Wednesday (February 5), Love ran into Virgin founder Richard Branson and offered him and his airline an apology for her on-board tirade. In a statement on the matter, Branson reports, “Courtney was a little out of order on the flight over and apologized to me. We are looking forward to flying her back to L.A.”
During her flight into London’s Heathrow Airport, Love refused to sit down and put her seatbelt on upon descent. Love also berated a flight attendant who would not permit the singer’s personal assistant to visit the first-class cabin. When the plane landed in London, British authorities arrested her for being disruptive and creating a disturbance during an international flight.