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What is The ANIMATRIX?
Fans of THE MATRIX and/or anime will want to check out the upcoming video and DVD release THE ANIMATRIX, due out from WARNER Home Video on June 3rd.
THE ANIMATRIX features nine original animated shorts conceived by the Wachowski Brothers; the creators of the MATRIX trilogy. The brothers W. wrote four of the nine shorts, with the anime directors themselves handling the remaining five.
The 9-minute short “The Final Flight of Osiris,” which serves as a prelude to the May 15th release of THE MATRIX RELOADED, will also air in theaters attached to DREAMCATCHER, starting March 21st.
THE ANIMATRIX features a soundtrack supervised by Jason Bentley (Metropolis, KROQ After Hours), with artists including MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO, DEATH IN VEGAS, and JUNO REACTOR.
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