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Weezer Mourns Shuttle Pilot
Saturday’s space shuttle Columbia disaster claimed the life of a Weezer fan — Commander William C. McCool, Rolling Stone reports.
The 41-year-old father of three was such a big fan of the band that he included their self-titled debut album in the small collection of personal items he took on his first and only space flight on January 16.
“The Weezer community feels the particular loss of Commander Willie McCool,” reads a message on the band’s web site. “Willie was a huge music and Weezer fan, and brought his trusty blue album on the flight not only to listen to, but in hopes of getting a neat picture to contribute to Weezer’s web site upon his return.
“The Weezer community extends its deepest condolences to all the families of the crew of STS-107, and trusts that those 7 brave souls are now at peace,” says the message.
McCool and his children attended a Weezer concert in Houston last summer and gave the band a special set of patches from the Columbia mission. He also invited them to the shuttle’s launch on January 16, although the band was unable to attend.
Last week, in an interview from space, the pilot told National Public Radio, “there’s nothing better than listening to a good album and looking out the window and watching the world go by.”