I’m ready when you are, Nicole!

Kidman Wants to Be Swept Off Her Feet – But Not Yet
LONDON (Reuters) – Nicole Kidman would love to be swept off her feet by a new man — but not yet.
And, speaking to Hello! magazine about her break-up with fellow movie star Tom Cruise, she said: “It was the worst time in my 35 years of living, where all I felt was great sadness.”
Kidman’s film career is currently on a high with her role in the critically acclaimed “The Hours” already a contender for Oscar honors. But there is no new love in her life.
She said she was not dating anyone and had no desire to go back to the dating game.
“I’d love to be swept off my feet at some stage. I really would. It would be nice to fall in love again. But I strongly believe that it will happen when I least expect it.” she told the celebrity magazine.
“For now I have to admit I still go through periods where I’m frightened by the love of a man so I know that I’m not quite ready to be dating seriously.”