Now that is a rock show!

Linkin Park To Tour This Summer With Limp Bizkit And Metallica
Linkin Park’s new album, Meteora, is at the pressing plant right now waiting to be multiplied and distributed around the world, according to DJ Joe Hahn. The band will tour all kinds of venues.
“We’re going to start off small, do some theater shows, and then when Projekt Revolution rolls around, those are arena shows,” he said. Hahn then told us Linkin Park is going to team with some of rock’s biggest hitters for a stadium tour.
“Once we hit the summer we’re going to do a stadium tour with Metallica and Limp Bizkit,” Hahn said. “We’re excited about all those shows because there’s different levels of intimacy. You know, the smaller ones being more intimate, but when you get the bigger shows it gets crazier so, it’s a trade-off.”
Spokespersons for both Metallica and Limp Bizkit couldn’t comment on the tour, and at press time there was no kick-off date or itinerary announced.
Linkin Park’s Meteora is set for release March 25, and the first single from the Hybrid Theory follow-up is “Somewhere I Belong.” Limp Bizkit will release Less Is More on April 1.