To the surprise of no one…

…a Georgia Judge Orders Arrest Of Singer Bobby Brown
ATLANTA (Reuters) – A Georgia judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of entertainer Bobby Brown, saying the rhythm and blues singer’s performance this week at a televised awards show violated his bond.
DeKalb County State Court Judge Wayne M. Purdom issued the warrant after Brown’s live performance Monday at the American Music Awards program in Los Angeles, his secretary said on Thursday.
Brown, the 33-year-old husband of pop diva Whitney Houston, faced trial on 1996 misdemeanor charges in DeKalb County that included driving under the influence of alcohol. He had been ordered not to leave Georgia and to report to DeKalb authorities each week until his trial under terms of bond set in November.
Until Monday, Brown had reported to the court each week, the judge’s secretary said.
“As far as the court is concerned, he is now a fugitive,” Purdom’s secretary said. “We understand from his attorney that (Brown) is going to surrender himself tomorrow.”
She said Brown could face fines and jail time as a result of his failure to report. His trial, originally scheduled for next week, has been postponed, she said.
Brown was arrested in DeKalb County in 1996 and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to show proof of insurance, speeding and failing to maintain a lane while driving.
The old charges came to light when the singer was arrested in Atlanta in early November and charged with possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, speeding and having no driver’s license or proof of insurance. After Brown posted bond in the Atlanta case, he was transferred to neighboring DeKalb County.
Brown’s lawyer, Xavier Dicks, was not immediately available to comment.