Sadly, for me, I love almost all of these tunes!

The Songs We Love To Hate (Or Vice Versa)
You donít want to admit it, but you love these songs. Or, at the very least, you know all the words. In no particular order, here are the picks for the Guiltiest Pleasures of 2002.
Shakira, ìWhenever, Wherever.î The problem with Shakira is that she canít speak English, yet she writes her own lyrics. Still, it had us shaking our booties whenever and wherever it was played.
Vanessa Carlton, ìA Thousand Miles.î The perfect pop song. Really.
Avril Lavigne, ìComplicated.î Yes, the teen star deserves to be slaughtered and hung up by her trifling striped tie, but I bet you know every word to her mega-hit.
Jennifer Lopez, ìJenny From the Block.î We get it, J.Lo; youíre real. A regular olí singing, acting,perfume-and-clothes-designing, restaurant-owning, Ben Affleck-dating Girl Next Door.
Nelly, ìHot in Herre.î The most successful pickup line of the year. Boy says, ìItís getting hot in herre, so take off all your clothes.î Girl says, ìI am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.î
Christina Aguilera, ìDirrty.î Confession: Most boys really do like sluts.
Bowling for Soup, ìThe Girl All the Bad Guys Want.î We donít know what a two-way is either.
Pink, ìDonít Let Me Get Me.î Sniff. You canít help but feel for the sensitive exploited pop stars.
Michelle Branch, ìAll You Wanted.î We can save you, Michelle. We can take you away from here.
Nickelback, ìHow You Remind Me.î Once upon a time, this was actually a decent song. Then it was played on every single radio station for all of eternity.
Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow, ìPicture.î Lynyrd Skynyrd would be proud.
Kylie Minogue, ìCanít Get You Outta My Head.î No matter how hard we try.