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…Guns N’ Roses Are Intact And Putting Finishing Touches On ‘Chinese Democracy’
Rumors that Guns N’ Roses ended its tour because of the departure of guitarist Robin Finck and bassist Tommy Stinson are false, according to a spokesperson for the band. The spokesperson wouldn’t give any details surrounding the reasons that Clear Channel and Guns N’ Roses ended their tour affiliation, but did say GN’R is very much intact.
The band and its members, vocalist Axl Rose, guitarist Buckethead, drummer Brain, bassist Tommy Stinson, guitarist Robin Finck, et al, are currently on vacation. They will return to the studio in January to put the finishing touches on Chinese Democracy, which the band is releasing in the spring. If it is released next year, it will be the first full album of new original music from Guns N’ Roses in 12 years.