Has Spike Gone Hollywood and forgotten his friends?

Weezer’s Turtles Cover Rejected By Former Video Director Spike Jonze
Weezer’s version of the Turtles’ hit “Happy Together” was rejected by their old pal, director Spike Jonze, when he was assembling his new film Adaptation.
Jonze, who worked on the classic Weezer Happy Days-themed video for “Buddy Holly,” among other clips, initially approached the band for a cover version of the song to include in his forthcoming movie, Adaptation. Jonze reportedly liked the Weezer version but couldn’t find a way to work in the re-vamped classic. The director went with the original Turtles version of “Happy Together.”
After a limited engagement in selected cities, Adaptation is set for a national release January 10.
And if you want more Weezer, there is a DVD in-progress! It is mostly finished but a bunch of minor things have yet to be completed, like the clearances, menus and packaging stuff. The release date was pushed back to “early 2003” but there is so far no more detail to be had. So, no, its not available for the holidays. When progress is made and we have a release date, it will be posted here.