I hope she goes nuts again!

Mariah Carey Talks to ‘Dateline’
LOS ANGELES ( – Mariah Carey will reveal exclusively how she’s been doing since her emotional meltdown last year on “Dateline NBC” tonight at 10 pm EST.
Matt Lauer will host the first primetime interview Carey has given since the media scrutinized her nervous breakdown. Talking frankly about her childhood struggles, her father’s recent death and her movie flop “Glitter,” Carey will elaborate on her perception of what it means to be a “diva.”
Carey and Lauer will also touch on rumors about her alleged suicide attempt and her marriage to Sony Music President Tommy Mottola, as well as her short-lived relationship with rapper Eminem.
Carey, who claims she was “overly tired” and was not considered a human being by anyone anymore, says the press just made it all worse when her nerves began to wear thin:
“I never dealt with a flurry of that kind of press before and — you know — being stalked by the paparazzi when you’re sitting at your mom’s house and suddenly there’s a person in the bushes with a — with a camera because you take a walk outside in your pajamas.”
Her current album “Charmbracelet” is the twelfth for Carey, who is the best-selling female artist in history, with over 115 million albums in sales.
Highlights from the interview will air Wednesday, Dec. 11 on NBCís ìToday,î followed by a live concert from the Mall of America in Minnesota, in which Carey will perform songs from ìCharmbracelet.î