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‘Daredevil’ Set for Romantic Valentine’s Release
HOLLYWOOD ( – How many women would chose to spend a Valentine’s evening watching a blind superhero who parades around in a skintight, red leather bodysuit? Plenty, hopes 20th Century Fox, who is gambling that viewers will line up to see “Daredevil” On Feb. 14.
Based on a comic book, the film stars Sexiest Man Alive Ben Affleck as about a blind man who is a lawyer by day and a superhero by night. To compensate for his blindness, Daredevil’s remaining other senses grew extraordinarily powerful. In addition, he developed a “mental radar” that he uses to help him fight evildoers.
The film costars “Alias” headliner Jennifer Garner as well as Michael Clarke Duncan (“The Green Mile”) and Colin Farrell (“Minority Report”).