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James Bond Resumes Smoking After 13-Year Break
LONDON (Reuters) – After 13 years without a smoke, world famous secret agent James Bond has started puffing again, Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper reported.
It published an image from the latest Bond film, “Die Another Day,” in which Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is smoking a cigar.
The decision to feature cigars in the film, which premieres in London Monday, has outraged the anti-smoking lobby.
Bond, better known for his vodka-martinis than his nicotine habit, smoked in his early films but has not been seen with a cigarette since the 1989 film “License to Kill.”
When Brosnan took over the role in the mid-1990s he adopted a strong anti-smoking stance but agreed to smoke cigars in the latest movie because it is set in Cuba, the paper reported.
Britain is expected to toughen its rules on cigarette advertising next year, outlawing the use of cigarettes in films and television dramas.
The paper said “Die Another Day” is littered with blatant plugs for a variety of brand names, prompting critics to dub it “Buy another Day.”