“Scrubs” rocks!

TV Promos Rock with Elton
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – In an innovative bid to market a new Elton John greatest hits package, the crooner’s label is giving TV networks and producers easy — and cheaper-than-usual — access to his three-decade catalog of tunes.
Searching for a creative way to market last week’s release of “Elton John: Greatest Hits 1970-2002,” Universal Music Enterprises has been approaching network hypemeisters and music supervisors about injecting John’s tunes into both promos and programming. As an incentive, the label offered extended terms and dramatically lower-than-usual licensing costs.
The networks have jumped at the offer. In recent weeks, astute viewers may have noted NBC’s use of “Your Song” to hype the budding romance on “Good Morning, Miami” and “The Bitch is Back” to herald Heather Locklear’s arrival on “Scrubs.”
CBS, meanwhile, has made use of “Tiny Dancer” in ads for “Presidio Med,” while spots for “Hack” feature footage of star David Morse pushing bad guys into walls while “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” plays in the background.
Producers are also incorporating John’s tunes into specific scenes.
The USA Network TV movie “Murder in Greenwich,” which bowed Friday, boasts two John songs. “Rocket Man” — now being used to hype UPN’s “Enterprise” — is also set to be heard in an upcoming episode of HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” while WB midseason comedy “The O’Keefes” will feature “Bennie and the Jets.”
UME prexy Bruce Resnikoff said the label wanted to take an unconventional approach to marketing an artist whose demo appeal ranges from teens to grayhairs. The wide reach and short lead time associated with TV seemed a perfect match.
“We wanted people humming these songs almost in a subconscious manner,” he said.
John and his management team were also key to making the strategy work, giving UME carte blanche to license his music to networks and producers without having to go through the usual red tape. He is also hitting the talk show circuit and will appear on an episode of “Will & Grace” next month.