That’s f**king magic!

Ewan McGregor says he’s willing to do a sequel to the cult classic TRAINSPOTTING.
If freaky head-spinning babies, brutal shooting-up sequences and diarrhoea-stained sheets were too much for you the first time round, you might not be exactly over the moon to hear that a sequel to 1996 classic Trainspotting is looking more and more likely. On the other hand if supreme direction, style in bucket loads and fantastic acting is your kind of thing, we think you might be a tad excited.
With director Danny Boyle indicating that he wouldn’t balk at the idea of revisiting Sick Boy and friends to Empire Online only last month, Ewan McGregor added more heat to the rumour fire last night at the British Independent Film Awards. He let slip that his attitude towards a reunion with Begbie has significantly shifted. “At first, I was quite sceptical about it. Quite some time ago I was asked if I wanted to play Renton again and I said no ñ it’s a funny thing to go back. I’ve never done it before ñ except for the Star Wars character ñ and I thought it was best left. What if you made a sequel to Trainspotting and it wasn’t good? It would be a terrible shame.”
But – we’re more than slightly thrilled to say – McGregor completed a neat turnaround when he read writer Irvine Welsh’s follow-up book, Porno. “But then I read the book and went, “Ah, it’s fantastic!” ‘Cause it was so nice to find what they’re all up to, you know. Sick boy and wee Spud and Begbie ñ fuckin’ hellÖso we’ll see. The only thing to say is that if the script is good enough you’d go for it. I’ve lost that immediate negative feeling I won’t do it.”
McGregor also gave us the inside nod on his next film to be released, Down with Love with Renee Zellweger. “It’s set in the 60s and is an absolute homage to the 60s sex comedies ñ the Doris Day, Rock Hudson movies. It’s a brilliant laugh,” he commented. What, chaste kissing and separate beds for Ewan, we spluttered. “Well, I might have slipped the tongue in. You’ve got to ask Renee. Probably!” Ah, yes, that’s the Ewan McGregor we know and love.