Raimi Plots for Spidey Sequel

SPIDER-MAN director Sam Raimi talks about his plot plans for the sequel.
Spider-Man director Sam Raimi told SCI FI Wire that he envisions the proposed sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man, as a much more personal journey than the Webslinger’s first adventure. “I think my job, and what I’m eager to do, is really get inside the head of Peter Parker [Tobey Maguire] and Mary Jane Watson [Kirsten Dunst] and Aunt May [Rosemary Harris],” Raimi said in an interview. “I want to find out where we left them in the minds of the audience and find out what journey the audience was on and accurately determine what they would now want to see and what conflicts there may be next in the characters’ lives and what the characters’ next evolution as human beings would be.”
Raimi added, “That’s the most important part of Spider-Man for me: Peter Parker as a human being, watching him as somebody that I really identify with, as somebody who’s got daily struggles [and] is wrestling with responsibility and personal desire. I want to tell a story where the audience can really relate to him on a deeper level than they did in the first one, maybe not [with] a diminishment of the action, but [with] a deeper exploration of Peter Parker as a human being.” Spider-Man crawls into video stores today.
The Amazing Spider-Man goes into production in March 2003.