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New Nirvana Available Today That Is Mostly Old But Totally Awesome!
It was in 1994 when Kurt Cobain of Nirvana thought it was better to “burn out that fade away.” One of the last songs that he recorded with Nirvana was “You Know You’re Right” and until today it had never appearded in pristine condition on a CD. The versions that have been online for a while now have been less that superb. That all changes today when a must have collection of the band’s best songs simply called NIRVANA appears in stores replete with the aformentioned gem. He was my generation’s John Lennon and I miss hearing his words and voice on fresh material.
Which is why NIRVANA is a must own for those stuck in the rut of today’s teenie-pop-sweet-ass-huge-boobs-and-tight pecs world of tunes.
So pick it up, introduce the band to your kids, and know that it IS NOT better to burn out than fade away!
And speaking of teenie bopper crap there are some other high profile releases due in stores today.
Here’s a look at the big ‘uns:
CHRISTINA AGUILERA- STRIPPED: “Here it is,” Aguilera announces on her second album proper. “No hype, no gloss, no pretense. Just me.” But if the youthful diva really wanted to make a bold, independent statement, why is she leaning so heavily on the hired help? The list of co-writers on Stripped ó among them red-hot Pink collaborator Linda Perry and hip-hop-soul “it” girl Alicia Keys ó suggests a naked bid for more critical and street credibility. There’s something similarly opportunistic ó not to mention self-aggrandizing ó about Aguilera’s sober emphasis on the troubles that accompanied her rise to fame. The smarmy boleros Beautiful and Fighter offer musical self-help manuals for vain women and solipsistic pop stars, and Aguilera’s readings are as emotionally overwrought as her earlier singing was ostentatious. That’s a shame, because Aguilera has one of the most supple voices in the business, and snappier tunes such as Can’t Hold Us Down reveal glimmers of the breezy sass that could have made her a real pop contender. Don’t girls just want to have fun anymore or do they all crave to be taken as serious as Aguilera does?
NICK CARTER (of the Backstreet Boys)- NOW OR NEVER: This disc proves that you can take the boy out of the boy band, but if he’s as aggressively passive a presence as Carter, you’ll be climbing uphill from there. The Backstreet refugee co-wrote many of these songs, some of them catchy in a generic, innocuous way. But none reveals more personality than Carter’s colorless voice; instead, the singer emerges as a kind of wholesomely macho cypher. He’s a Bryan Adams-like balladeer on the sappy Do I Have to Cry for You, a Jon Bon Jovi-esque crooner on Heart Without a Home (I’ll Be Yours) and a leering frat boy on the witless Girls in the USA. The lyrics are as excruciatingly banal and dopey as the song titles suggest. Surely no one expected Carter to turn into Elvis Costello overnight, but it’s hard to listen to the refrain “Take it off, take it off/Let’s get it on, get it on” on a full stomach.
SHAGGY- LUCKY DAY: Shaggy’s music may be a bit too pop- and R&B-infused for reggae purists, but the gravelly voiced singer has no problem inducing you to move. The follow-up to 2000’s humongous smash Hot Shot is jammed full of pulsating rhythms and sensual grooves. The horn-kissed first single, Hey Sexy Lady, sets the tone with its pounding dance beat, while Get My Party On, featuring Chaka Khan, shimmers with funk. Thematically, the songs range from the socially conscious Lost to the comical Hookie Jookie, which provides tips on how to creep on your lady. Last time out, Shaggy started a roll with two unstoppable singles: It Wasn’t Me and Angel. Time will tell whether he can maintain his Lucky streak.
Now here are the rest of the new music releases for Tuesday, October 29, 2002:
* 8 MILE OST 8 Mile OST (Interscope)
* BETH GIBBONS Out Of Season (Polydor)
* BLU CANTRELL TBA (Blu Cantrell) (Arista)
* BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY Thug World Order (Epic)
* ENNIS SISTERS Christmas (Domestic)
* ERIC CLAPTON One More Car, One More Rider (DVD) (Warner)
* ERIC HEATHERLY Sometimes It’s Just Your Time (Dreamworks Nashville)
* FABOLOUS Street Dream (Elektra)
* FIELD MOB From Tha Roota To Tha Toota (MCA)
* FREEWAY Philadelphia Freeway (Def Jam)
* IRV GOTTI Irv Gotti Presents: The Remixes (Def Jam)
* JIMMY EAT WORLD TBA (Jimmy Eat World DVD) (DreamWorks)
* KELLY PRICE Priceless (Def Jam)
* KOUFAX Social Life (TVT)
* LAURA PAUSINI From The Inside (Atlantic)
* LEE ANN WOMACK The Season For Romance (MCA Nashville)
* LIZA MINNELLI Liza’s Back (J Records)
* MEMPHIS BLEEK Misunderstood (Def Jam)
* P.O.D. Still Payin’ Dues (DVD) (Atlantic)
* RASCAL FLATTS Melt (Hollywood)
* SAMANTHA MUMBA TBA (Samantha Mumba) (Polydor)
* SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER Divine Discontent (Warner)
* STEVIE WONDER The Definitive Collection (Motown)
* SYLEENA JOHNSON Chapter 2: The Voice (Zomba)
* TONI BRAXTON Amplified (Arista)
* TOO $HORT What’s My Favourite Word (Zomba)
* TORI AMOS Scarlet’s Walk (Epic)
* TYPE O NEGATIVE TBA (Type O Negative) (Roadrunner)
* VINCE GILL TBA (Vince Gill) (MCA Nashville)
* YU-GI-OH: MUSIC TO DUEL BY OST Yu-Gi-Oh: Music To Duel By OST (DreamWorks/Universal)
All release dates are subject to change