I always hoped that there would be a “Reynish Road.”

Indy to Name Street After Letterman
David Letterman is getting his wish to have a road named after him ó even though it’s not exactly what he hoped for.
The City Council in this Indianapolis suburb unanimously approved a resolution Monday renaming a portion of a street after the talk-show host, an Indianapolis native.
The resolution acknowledges there has been public interest in naming a thoroughfare for Letterman. A recent gag on “Late Show” has had him asking Indianapolis officials to rename Interstate 465 the “David Letterman Expressway.”
Lawrence officials couldn’t do that, but the council did rename as David Drive a portion of 59th Street near the former Fort Harrison.
It crosses an existing street called Letterman Road ó named years ago for a hospital in San Francisco ó which runs through an area that once was part of the fort.
As a result, there’s an intersection of David Drive and Letterman Road “that recognizes this Hoosier legend,” the resolution states.
But when officials erected the new street sign Tuesday afternoon, one side was misspelled “Daivd.”
“I could sit here and tell you it was all part of the joke, but it wasn’t,” said Deputy Mayor Chuck Ricks said.
The sign was repainted and replaced Wednesday morning, he said.