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James Bond fans have named their favorite Agent 007 gadget: the Rolex watch that unzips women’s dresses.
The debonair superspy used the timepiece to strip a voluptuous Italian secret agent he found hiding in his closet in the 1973 film “Live and Let Die.”
The gadget was meant to deflect bullets with its powerful electromagnetic force.
But Bond, played in that flick by Roger Moore, uses it to unzip the beauty’s dress.
He then describes his seduction technique as “sheer magnetism.”
The Rolex topped a poll by Dixons electronics in England to mark the 40th anniversary of 007 flicks.
Second in the survey was Bond’s Ericsson mobile phone, which remotely-controlled Pierce Brosnan’s BMW in 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies.”
A pager watch, which summoned Sean Connery as Bond to meet with spy chief M in 1963’s “From Russia With Love,” came in third.
“What’s remarkable is that many of Bond’s gadgets from the 1960s and 1970s, such as pagers and miniature cameras, were considered to be total fantasy but are now available,” said Stuart Carson, marketing director for Dixons.