Jack Black is back!

Jack Black Steps Behind the Camera ‘One More Time’
HOLLYWOOD ( ñ Comedy actor Jack Black will be making his producing debut with ìDo That To Me One More Time,î a comedy pitch recently purchased by DreamWorks.
Written by Black, David Garrett and Jason Ward, the film will center on a famous couple that has a very public break-up and wages a private war against each other, according to trades sources. Garrett and Ward previously wrote the Chris Kattan comedy, ìCorky Romano.î
Black, 33, recently finished shooting Barry Levinsonís ìEnvy,î also for DreamWorks, which stars Black and Ben Stiller as two best friends whose relationship goes awry when one of them strikes it rich after selling an invention. Black will next start filming Richard Linklaterís ìSchool of Rock.î
Bob Simonds, who produced “Corky Romano,” will co-produce ìDo That To Me One More Timeî with Black. No production date has been set for the film yet.