Give it to him!

Letterman Wants Highway in His Name
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – David Letterman has an offer: He’ll pay for new road signs if Mayor Bart Peterson renames the highway that circles Indianapolis the “Dave Letterman Expressway.”
On the “Late Show” that aired on CBS Thursday night, the talk-show host extended the offer after joking for weeks about renaming Interstate 465.
“How about this: What if we change the name of that to the ‘Dave Letterman Expressway’?” Letterman said in an on-air conversation with Peterson.
“You know, Dave, I will tell you, I like that idea,” the mayor said.
Letterman had been saying he would pay $10 million for the renaming rights, but when he actually reached the mayor he pledged only to pay for new signs.
“What happened to the $10 million?” Peterson asked.
“That’s a different telephone call,” Letterman replied.
Letterman grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from Ball State University in Muncie.