Guess what you will be buying tomorrow?!?

It’s Beauty, Eh?!?
There are several new DVD’s worth your money coming out tomorrow and here is a preview of them:
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: THE SPECIAL EDITION- A peak for movie musicals and animated films. Why? It’s the songs, stupid. This edition contains “Human Again,” a number cut from the film but used in the Broadway production. It’s fun to have, but slows the movie down. Watch it once, then stick with the original version (also wisely included). Along with tons of extras, they also present the “Work-in-progress” version shown at the 1991 New York Film Festival. It was a clever ploy that flattered critics, emphasized the human artistry behind animation and set the stage for its nomination as Best Picture.
FLASHDANCE/FOOTLOOSE (Available seperately)- Two smash hits from the early ’80s. Flashdance was always silly (Her loft! That water-drenched “dance” piece!) but now it seems almost surreally unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine we watched it without giggling. Footloose has its dated moments (like that game of chicken played with tractors). But now we appreciate the solid little drama at its core. And talk about synergy: Kevin Bacon’s appearance last week on “Will & Grace” where he cut loose with Will was the canniest marketing ploy of the year.
THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES/MAJOR LEAGUE (Which actually came out 2 weeks ago)- Every possible attitude towards baseball is covered in these releases. The reverent attitude in “The Pride of the Yankees” is embodied by the ever-decent Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig. As good as it is, they were wise not to include that newsreel clip of Gehrig saying goodbye at Yankee Stadium. No film can match its emotional wallop. While “Major League” is the scandalous, scatological take on baseball, though deep down it loves the game as well.