It is a tasty, tasty disc!

The Dixie Chicks Find Their Way Home
The country music industry has been in a quandary over what direction to head next — well, they can find their answer in Home, the Dixie Chicks’ new album.
The genre has been torn between traditional country (ie. O Brother Where Art Thou?) or new, pop-influenced, country (Faith Hill), which have both proved top sellers.
Now, Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire have cut the perfect path.
They have not compromised and found a route down the middle, combining the best of both.
Recorded in a small Texas studio away from Nashville’s influences and produced by the Chicks and Maines’ father Lloyd Maines, Home is foremost a honest, from-the-heart record.
The Dixie Chicks have returned to their roots, which they so obviously love and admire, giving Home a more distinctive bluegrass mood than their previous two offerings. Robison and Maguire get to shine more than in the past and Maines stretches her vocals in new directions.
But this trio doesn’t just respectfully revisit the old; they manage to give it a hip edge, making it “new country” without the baggage.
This is a musician’s album, that still manages to welcome the average listener. Since the Chicks have earned superstar status, it’s more likely radio will find a way to embrace Home.
* Long Time Gone (Darrell Scott): The first single is a perfect bridge between albums. It’s as catchy as their previous hits, but introduces bluegrass and homey elements.
* Landslide (Stevie Nicks): Maines’ voice was made for this remake and Robison’s banjo makes the tune all Dixie Chick.
* Travelin’ Soldier (Bruce Robison): Written by Emily’s brother-in-law, this more acoustic song is particularly poignant in the post-Sept. 11 world.
* Truth #2 (Patty Griffin): Written by Griffin, an opening act on the Fly tour, this gutsy song grows on you with each listen.
* White Trash Wedding (Robison, Maguire, Maines): This silly little tune allows the Chicks and listeners to have fun.
* A Home (Maia Sharp, Randy Sharp): A stunner which explores the regret of a failed relationship and the empty home it has created.
* More Love (Tim O’Brien, Gary Nicholson): A more radio-friendly song from a bluegrass buddy.
* I Believe in Love (Maguire, Maines, Marty Stuart): This fantastic song has uplifting lyrics combined with haunting music.
* Tortured, Tangled Hearts (Maines, Maguire, Stuart): Bluegrass rules in this definite hit.
* Lil’ Jack Slade (Robison, Maguire, Lloyd Maines, Teri Hendrix): An instrumental allowing Maguire and Robison to really strut their stuff. Named for Maines’ son Jackson Slade.
* Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) (Radney Foster): This beautiful remake gets a power boost from Maines and Robison who are both in “mommy mode.” And when you listen to it knowing Foster wrote it for his three-year-old son who was moving away, it will truly bring tears to your eyes.
* Top of the World (Griffin): Perhaps the Chicks’ biggest departure — it is emotional, but not as accessible as the rest of the CD.