Great casting idea!

Tom Cavanagh to Guest Star on ‘Scrubs’
“Ed” star Tom Cavanagh and “Scrubs” lead Zach Braff bear a strong resemblance to one another. You could say they look enough alike to be brothers.
The producers of “Scrubs” must have thought so too, because Cavanagh will play Braff’s older brother in an episode of the show this fall.
The Halloween-themed episode will air Thursday, Oct. 31. Cavanagh’s character will pay a visit to J.D. (Braff) at the hospital where J.D. works as a second-year resident. Braff’s TV family also includes John Ritter (ABC’s “8 Simple Rules” ), who played J.D.’s dad in an episode last season.
Cavanagh returns for “Ed’s” third season on Oct. 2, where Ed is presumably still pining for Carol Vessey (Julie Bowen) while insisting he’s not.