Are G ‘n R B-‘n-A-‘n-C-‘n-K?

Guns N’ Roses Taps Weezer As Opener, Band Used In Football Noise Drill
Guns N’ Roses has tapped Weezer as its opening act on Monday night (August 26) at the London Arena. GN’R singer Axl Rose was impressed with Rivers Cuomo and company after catching them from the side of the stage during a festival in Tokyo earlier this month.
Meanwhile, Guns N’ Roses is helping the Arkansas State football team prepare for the season. The band’s music is being blasted at players to simulate crowd noise so the team can use hand signals to communicate instead of communicating verbally. The team was scheduled to play Virginia Tech on Sunday (August 25).
In other Weezer news, the live EP The Lion And The Witch, recorded during the band’s recent 2002 World Cup Tour, is due out at select independent record stores on September 24.