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‘Miss Germany’ Risks Losing Crown over Nude Rules
“Miss Germany” has broken her contract and could lose her crown because she objects to beauty contest rules banning her from marrying or posing in the nude, organizers said on Thursday.
Ralf Klemmer, director of the Miss Germany Corporation that holds the annual pageant, said Berlin dental technician Katrin Wrobel canceled a contract with his firm because she said it contained “immoral clauses.”
“The contract she and all the girls in the competition signed beforehand spelled it out quite clearly that marriage and nude photographs during the year are not allowed,” Klemmer told Reuters.
He said the rules were quite clear and Wrobel would be stripped of her Miss Germany crown if she did not relent.
“The same rules apply to the Miss competitions all around the world,” added Klemmer, whose firm has organized 42 consecutive Miss Germany contests since 1960. “It’s strange that she now rejects this. But there is no way she can compete in the Miss World competition in Nigeria if this is not resolved.”
“We’ve never had a case like this in 42 years,” he said. “If she wants to relinquish the crown then the runner-up will be awarded it. There cannot be another competition this year.”
Wrobel’s lawyer Christian Schertz was not immediately available for comment. He was quoted in Bild newspaper on Thursday as saying Wrobel had canceled the contract “because it is filled with immoral clauses.”
A tall brunette considered a long-shot to win the German competition in January, Wrobel, 24, has since landed a job as a presenter on a German television game show. She has long lived with her boyfriend, a 29-year-old electrician.
“I only took part in the contest for some quick cash,” Wrobel was quoted as telling Bild. “I never thought I would have a chance of winning.”