I wonder where “Dog Eat Dog” ranks?

‘Buffy’ Rates Worst Show for Families
A parents group applauded broadcasters Wednesday for embracing more family-friendly programming in prime-time, yet scolded television’s two most popular shows for being among the raciest.
Both NBC’s “Friends” and CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” made the Parents Television Council list of the 10 worst shows in prime-time.
Little-watched “Doc,” a Pax TV drama about a country doctor who moves to New York City, was named the best show on television by the conservative watchdog group for its “uplifting and inspirational” themes.
After years when it was considered unhip, there’s been a slight movement toward more family-friendly programming in prime-time, with ABC and the WB network lately making it a priority. ABC has blamed its recent ratings trouble partly on a decision to move away from that audience.
“It definitely is a heartening development,” said Melissa Caldwell, the PTC’s research director.
UPN’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was rated the worst show in prime-time, with the PTC condemning it for graphic violence and sex, and an element of the occult.
The group criticized TV’s most popular comedy, “Friends,” for basing much of its humor on sexual references or situations. The PTC said the show, which also featured two unmarried characters having a baby this spring, was inappropriate for its 8 p.m. time slot.
Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel character gave birth in the season’s final episode.
“I’m not really sure why it passed without much discussion,” Caldwell said. “But it’s certainly not a good role model, especially considering how popular the show is with teenage viewers.”
“CSI” was criticized for dealing graphically with themes of incest and sadomasochism. The show has had a meteoric rise in popularity, often besting “ER” as viewers’ favorite drama.
Four WB shows ó “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” “Reba,” “Smallville” and “7th Heaven” ó made the PTC’s list of best shows for families.
But “Gilmore Girls” ó a WB show that was created specifically through funding provided by advertisers interested in family-friendly programming ó was left off the list. Caldwell said her group was concerned about some of the mother’s relationships in the show.