Hey Dan, its been a while, but I thought I would ask if you could tell me if there were any new movies opening in theatres this weekend?

New At The Multiplex
Well here we are; a rare August weekend that doesn’t have a huge big- budget blockbuster opening in theatres. Instead we have an Eddie Murphy movie that is reportedly so bad that it’s studio wouldn’t let anyone see it until it opened in theatres; a surfer chick movie from the producers of A Beautiful Mind; a small Gwyneth Paltrow movie from the director of Nurse Betty and In The Company Of Men and a small, little movie that has been slowly gaining steam and is on it’s way to becoming one of the most profitable films of all time.
So lets get to it!
Eddie Murphy stars in The Adventures Of Pluto Nash a flick that has been sitting on the shelf at Warner Bros. for the last 18 months, normally a sign that a movie is pretty bad. Warner also didn’t screen the film for critics or theatrical bookers either, another sign of a movie’s horrendous nature. BUT even though no one has seen it, I have.
The Adventures Of Pluto Nash is a waste of film, time, effort and everything else you can think of. It even has the luscious Rosario Dawson and it just isn’t worth your time.
Man does that movie suck!
Blue Crush doesn’t suck, and the chicks are tasty, but I just didn’t care. Produced by Ron “Opie Cunningham” and Brian Grazer the flick is entertaining, but as I said, I just didn’t care. Although it did cement my love of the bikini.
My love for Gwyneth Paltrow was cemented a few years ago, and I would tell you about her new movie Possession but it is only opening in a few select cities and I don’t live in one of the selected ones so I haven’t seen it. But if it is as good as the Sarah McLachlan song “Possession” then I will love it.
Love, yours, mine or otherwise, is at the center of My Big Fat Greek Wedding a tiny, small little film written by a woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that cost $5 million and has so far grossed $45 million. It has been playing in only selected cities as well, but the powers that be have finally added my city to the lucky batch of places where the flick is now playing. So I will be seeing, and probably enjoying My Big Fat Greek Wedding this weekend. And I’m not even Greek!
So enjoy the popcorn, or the souvlaki, and I’ll see you at the movies!