Expect this type of story until at least December when a final decision will have to be made

Kudrow Willing to Make More ‘Friends’
If series star Lisa Kudrow is any indication, fans shouldn’t count their “Friends” out just yet.
Kudrow, for one, may be willing to continue with the NBC sitcom past its upcoming ninth season, which as of now will likely be its last.
Interviewed for the season premiere of Oxygen’s “Conversations From the Edge With Carrie Fisher” (which airs in The States Aug. 18), Kudrow told the host that she didn’t know if this would actually be the final season of “Friends.”
“You know now I hope not,” Kudrow said. “I’m actually comfortable saying I’m not. Which means it probably will be the last year.
“You know we all get along, and we still have fun and the writers are still working really hard and they do good stories,” she said. “You look around and you see that a lot of reasons shows finish is (that) the ratings are really bad. We were No. 1 for the first time ever in our eighth season.”