First WIll & Grace and now Bernie Mac!

Damon gets Mac teed off
The Bernie Mac Show is turning to one Damon to battle another. Mac’s Ocean’s Eleven co-star Matt Damon will play himself in an episode of Fox’s comedy likely to air Sept. 25, the day Damon Wayans’ My Wife and Kids has its third-season premiere on ABC. The comedies, among only a few with black casts, will compete head-on on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, a move Wayans has angrily criticized.
In the Mac episode, Bernie plays in Damon’s celebrity golf tournament, which turns into a grudge match after he learns Damon boasted of beating him while shooting Ocean’s. Bernie causes a PR disaster, witnessed by Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien and Damon’s golfing partner, Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princess), also playing themselves.
“He just makes a spectacle and blames everybody but himself for his bad golf game that day,” says executive producer Larry Wilmore. Damon and Mac “had so much chemistry” shooting at a Malibu, Calif., golf course this week, Wilmore says. “Bernie has such a big energy level, and Matt is so understated.” Wilmore says fans Will Smith and Serena Williams also have expressed interest in doing a guest shot on Mac, schedules permitting.