Between her and her sister, Venus, she is the pretty one

Serena Williams Wants to be Actress
Serena Williams, the world’s top-ranked woman’s tennis player, has added struggling actress to her resume.
The 20-year-old says she’s been taking classes and has a new acting coach.
“I’m trying to get some parts. A lot of people want me, but my schedule right now is kind of conflicting with my acting,” she said Thursday at a tennis tournament in Manhattan Beach.
Williams said she’d love to work with Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins or Morgan Freeman.
And what kind of part would she want to play?
“With my time schedule, I’d have to have a small role,” Williams said, “but I’d like the movie to be all about me, so maybe I can get hurt in the beginning of the movie and I can just stay in a coma until the end.”
Known as a practical joker, Williams was asked if she was serious about a future in show business.
“I’m very serious as a heart attack,” she said, giggling.