Hey Dan, what did you think of “Goldmember”

It is definately better the second time.
My thoughts on AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER after I saw it the first time are easily summed up in Roger Ebert’s review. He may be no Gene Siskel (RIP) but for the first time ever he crystalizes my thoughts exactly, after the first time I saw it that is.
I defer to something my friend Chris wrote about the movies to sum up my thoughts on GOLDMEMBER after my second viewing:
“I think these movies (the Austin Powers films) really get better with repeated viewings – I did laugh the most of all three movies (on first viewing).”
He is right. After 2 viewings, I can tell you it is hilarious. After one viewing, well you might agree with Roger Ebert’s review.
Enjoy the popcorn and I’ll see you at the movies, baby!