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Shatner Praises One-Hit Wonders
William Shatner says musicians shouldn’t take offense if they’re featured on his new VH1 documentary show, “One Hit Wonders.”
The “Star Trek” star, who has poked fun at his own cover versions of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and “Mr. Tambourine Man,” said the show is a tribute to unforgettable tunes by artists who never repeated the same success.
“In the world that we inhabit, having one hit is a lot better than having no hits,” Shatner told The Associated Press this week.
Despite the show’s lighthearted approach, he added, it illustrates the difficulty of achieving success in the music industry.
“This show is about the kind of songs you like and can sing, but you can’t remember the artist because maybe they never caught on again,” Shatner said. “We give those artists some renown.”
Derived from a five-part VH1 special, the new half-hour show will debut next Monday on the music channel with new episodes scheduled weekly. About four songs will be featured on each show. Special episodes will focus on disco, heavy metal, New Wave, TV themes, novelty songs and celebrity singers.