He’s Captain Picard!

Stewart Preps For X2 and NEMESIS
Patrick Stewart told the British DreamWatch magazine that X2óthe upcomimng sequel to X-Menówill hinge on his character, Professor X, according to a report on Cinescape Online. “The story goes in a direction that I thought was quite unexpected, which is always a good thing,” Stewart told the magazine. “It involves my character a good deal more than the other movie did. Unlike the first X-Men, where he was just out of the movie for a big chunk of time, he is consistently active. I think it’s looking really promising.”
Stewart also said that the upcoming 10th Star Trek movie, Nemesis, will combine many of the elements fans have been looking for. “I think it’s possible that there might be more to anticipate and to be excited about with Nemesis than with any of our previous movies, including everybody’s favorite, First Contact,” Stewart said. “I think we’ve got the mix right, in terms of a strong story. … There are two storylines running side by side, interconnecting at different times. We have a very strong action base as well for this, which means that the dialogue scenes are broken up with really quite effective sequences of action. It has romance in itóin fact, it’s probably the sexiest movie we’ve done in some respects, although unfortunately none of this involves me. It has a psychological aspect to it, too, which is interesting and potent. And there are surprisesóthe kind of surprises that, while we were shooting it, we were licking our chops with glee at the thought of these things that were going to surprise people.” Nemesis opens Dec. 13; X2 is currently in production for a 2003 release.